Fighting Charges To Protect Your Driving Privileges

For most families in Hamilton County, driving privileges are not a luxury. They are a necessity. If you have received a moving violation, however, this charge puts your ability to drive at risk. Charges or tickets can cause your insurance rates to spike or can result in a license suspension. Getting advice from a qualified professional can help you fight these charges and avoid a costly outcome.

When Hamilton County residents have been charged with DUI, have received speeding tickets or had other traffic violations, they contact Jackson Law Office. I am Jason Jackson, founding lawyer of my criminal defense firm. I have practiced law since 2000 and apply my knowledge of Indiana’s laws to achieve the best outcome for your situation.

Exploring All Options To Limit The Impact Of A Conviction

Many drivers believe that paying the fine and pleading guilty will end their legal problems. Depending on the situation, you may still receive points on your license or a drunk driving charge on your record.

When you consult with me, I will identify the repercussions of the decisions you make. You can rely on me to defend your interests when I represent you for matters related to:

  • Drunk driving charges, including misdemeanor and felony DUI/OWI charges and underage DUI
  • Traffic violations resulting in speeding tickets, red light camera tickets or seat belt tickets
  • Criminal charges related to reckless driving, road rage and other issues

In Indiana, certain drivers who have had their licenses suspended can qualify for hardship licenses. Also known as specialized driving permits, these licenses reinstate driving privileges in limited situations. As a local attorney, I use my extensive experience in the Hamilton County and surrounding courts to create strong arguments for your case.

You are entitled to the best legal representation. Contact my office to receive the guidance you deserve.

Understand Your Options Before You Pay The Fine. Talk To A Skilled Attorney Today.

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