Representing You After Your Trial Has Ended

You may have served your sentence and paid the fines related to your conviction; however, your criminal record can continue to affect you years later. Background searches can reveal an arrest record or conviction that may stop you from getting certain jobs or licenses. A client of Jackson Law Office is a client for life.

In Indiana, you can take steps to clear or seal your record so that it is hidden from public view. Jackson Law Office guides clients through the expungements process and assists with post-sentence modifications. I am Jason Jackson, skilled criminal defense lawyer. Since 2000, I have used the law to protect my clients’ best interests before, during and after their trial.

Protecting Your Interests After Your Conviction

Expungements prevent potential employers, landlords and other interested parties from finding a record of your arrest or conviction when they run a background search. I know which factors Hamilton County court judges consider before granting expungements and will take action if your case qualifies.

In addition, I am certified to request post-sentence modifications so that the terms of your sentence may be changed. A modification may reduce the length of your sentence or help you avoid the Department of Corrections. When you consult with me, I can determine whether you have a case for modifying your punishment.

Unfortunately, many defendants are eventually accused of violating a term of their probation. My criminal defense services also include representation in probation violation hearings. I am committed to minimizing the penalties connected with these allegations. When you are facing the possibility of paying more fines, having your probation revoked and returning to jail, working with a skilled defense attorney is absolutely crucial.

You Still Have Options After Your Sentencing. Contact Me For Help Today.

Do you think you qualify for an expungement or post-sentence modification? Are you concerned about a probation violation hearing? Meet with me to learn about your options. I offer free case evaluations. Arrange yours today by calling 317-678-0247 or by completing my online form.