How domestic battery accusations can affect your life

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If you’re accused of domestic battery, you will likely worry how this allegation will affect your life. At the very least, it will likely lead to legal action against you. And you may have concerns that charges or conviction could ruin your reputation and livelihood, too. By understanding how these allegations impact the accused, you can prepare for their effects.

Legal consequences

Domestic battery accusations can come with significant legal consequences. If your accuser alleges you injured them, you will likely receive at least Class A misdemeanor charges. These could upgrade to felony charges depending on their claims. If you face conviction, you could pay a fine of up to $10,000. And you could spend six months or more in prison. A domestic battery conviction will also cause you to lose your firearm privileges if you own any. You will have to wait five years before petitioning to have this right restored.

Your accuser may file a protective order against you as well. In Indiana, these orders typically last for one year, but may extended for an additional year depending on circumstances. A protective order will bar you from being in the same place as your accuser – or anywhere near them. If you lived together, you will have to move out of their residence. And if you two have children together, you may only be able to see them in specific circumstances, if at all.

Professional consequences

Your employer will likely take any domestic battery accusations against you very seriously. You may keep your position if you face charges but avoid conviction. But you will likely face termination if you receive a domestic battery conviction, no matter your sentencing. Looking for a job with domestic battery charges or a conviction on your record can prove difficult, too. Potential employers may pass over you for candidates without these.

The legal and professional consequences of domestic battery accusations may frighten you. While such allegations are serious, you can stand up against them. An attorney with criminal defense experience can help you do so.