Case Results

Since 2000, I, Jason Jackson, have aggressively defended Hamilton County residents charged with a variety of criminal offenses. Below are a few of my recent court successes:

7/3/2019 - State v. WH - Dismissal of charges

6/3/2019 - State v. DC: successful deferral of charges in Fulton Co.

5/30/2019 State v. RW - dismissal of domestic battery charges

5/16/2019 State v. TW - dismissal of Felony Failure to Return to Lawful Detention/Escape charges

5/7/2019 State v CB - deferral is misdemeanor theft charge

2/21/2019 - State v. MM - Felony Counterfeiting Jury Trial - Not Guilty

2/4/2019 - State v. CG - dismissal Hamilton Superior Court #4

1/24/2019 - State v. BA - Felony Forgery/Counterfeiting Jury Trial - Not Guilty

1/14/2019 - State v. DB, dismissal of all changes in Hamilton Superior Court #4

State v. LB: Dismissal of road rage case in Hamilton Co Superior Court #6

4/23/2018 - State v. TA: Arranged for a deferral from prosecution for a client charged with battery & domestic battery (after discovering his spouse in bed with another couple).

5/17/18 - State v. GT: Successfully rehabilitated client's driver's license with outstanding charges in three counties, reinstated driving privileges and dismissal of the final case.

5/30/18 - State v. DJ: Successfully negotiated a deferral from prosecution for client recorded stealing money from the safe of a convenience store.

6/5/2018 - State v. DD: Petition for modification of sentence granted, commuting the executed sentence imposed for client's third violation of probation in half, saving client 270 days.

6/8/2018 - State v. AG: Successfully petitioned the Boone County Circuit Court for a reduction of the client's bond from $25,000 to $250, allowing client to be released from incarceration.

6/15/18 - State v. EP: Dismissal of all charges against client charged with leaving the scene of an automobile crash.

6/21/2018 - RK v. State: Successfully petitioned for specialized driving privilege (hardship license) in Hancock County resulting in extremely broad driving privileges for the client.

6/21/18 - State v. AC: Successfully petitioned the court for an adjustment of credit time saving the client approx. 90 days towards his sentence.

6/21/18 - State v. DS: Successfully arranged for the dismissal of two pending probation violations and the termination of the client's probation requirements.

7/2/18 - State v. WH: Arranged for a deferral from prosecution for a client who shoplifted necessities from a retail store due to financial hardship.

7/9/2018 - Successfully assisted a national trucking client with the dismissal of a moving violation, protecting both the driver's CDL license and the parent company's insurance ratings.

7/10/2018 - State v. TJ - arranged for the dismissal of all charges against a non-custodial father accused of contributing to the delinquency of minor based upon the teenaged child's truancy from school.

7/17/2018 - State v. CG - Successfully negotiated for the deferral from prosecution the client's criminal misdemeanor reckless driving charges for traveling 117MPH in Fulton Co.

7/19/2018 - State v. AT : successfully arranged for the deferral of felony drug possession charges stemming from the Electric Forrest concert for a client in Miami Co.

8/1/2018 - State v. ET - Dismissal of client's theft charges.

8/1/2018 - State v. LC - Dismissal of client's criminal recklessness charges.

8/9/2018 - In re AA - successfully expedited the client's petition for expungement so that the Order sealing the client's criminal history was signed by the Judge within 24 hours of his eligibility for expungement.