What if I drive while my license is suspended or revoked?

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Indiana residents need their driver’s licenses to get to and from work, to go to school and for many other reasons. If they have committed an infraction that led to the license being suspended or revoked, that can have a negative impact on every aspect of their lives.

From the time of the initial allegation that might warrant a suspension or revocation, it is important to lodge an effective defense to try and avoid the worst-case scenario in the first place. Once the penalties are in place, some might make the mistake of driving despite the revocation or suspension. This can lead to worse penalties.

Suspensions, revocations and driving after these penalties are assessed

According to state law, there are many reasons why a driver’s license can be suspended or revoked. For example, if there was an accident that led to another person’s death and the driver was convicted of manslaughter or reckless homicide, it can result in a suspension or revocation. Another reason is if there was an accident and the driver did not stop and render help with a fatality, injury or property damage costing more than $200.

Indiana law says that people who drive while their license is suspended or revoked will face specific penalties based on the circumstances. If they drive on the highway and the sanctions were because they committed an offense, it will be a Class A misdemeanor. If there is an accident with bodily injury, it will be a Level 6 felony; if it is a death or catastrophic injury, it will be a Level 5 felony.

Legal assistance can help with driver’s license issues

Given the seriousness of felony charges, it is vital to know how to forge a viable defense. First, it is important to know why a person might lose their license. Then it is critical to be aware of the potential penalties that come with driving if they do not have a valid driver’s license.

Not having a driver’s license can damage many Indiana residents financially and even potentially cost them their jobs. If they compound the lost license by driving without it, it can make their situation even more complicated.

To fight the charges, it is useful to contact professionals who are experienced in multiple areas of criminal defense.