Indiana courts look toward rehabilitation for drug addicts

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Drug addiction can be a compelling and destructive thing. You may have the best of intentions, but addiction is a powerful force, and you may find yourself possessing large amounts of the drug you are addicted to or even manufacturing or selling the drug without really meaning to commit a crime in the process.

Fortunately, the state of Indiana recognizes that drug addiction needs to be treated rather than unduly penalized. While you may still face fines and jail time for committing a drug crime, Indiana also has specialized alcohol and drug services programs to help people beat their addiction to illegal drugs so they can live as productive members of society.

What services do these programs proved?

Indiana drug services program are provided by the county and can help individuals in a variety of ways. The range of services provided include:

  • Screening for eligibility
  • Clinical assessment
  • Education
  • Referral
  • Case management
  • Emergency services
  • Detox services
  • Counseling
  • Rehabilitative care

The type of services provided depend on a person’s unique situation. Different services may be available to different persons, depending on their needs. There is no guarantee a person will be entitled to all the services listed above. Also, not every county in Indiana provides such services.

Do you have a right to participate in a county drug treatment program?

Just because you are charged with a drug crime does not automatically mean you can participate in a county alcohol and drug services program. The directors and staff of said programs have the right to determine who is eligible to participate in these programs. The law protects directors and staff of a county drug treatment program from civil liability when exercising their right to provide or not provide services so long as they perform their duties in good faith.

Learn more about your rights if accused of a drug crime

County alcohol and drug services programs can be the lifeline a person needs to rehabilitate and come clean so they can move into the future on solid, healthy footing. Many people who commit drug crimes in Noblesville do not necessarily have malicious intent. They are simply addicted to a substance and need help overcoming their addiction. With the right help these people can be rehabilitated for the benefit of themselves, their loved ones and society as a whole.