Handling Battery And Domestic Matters With Skill And Discretion

Indiana’s judges do not ignore battery allegations or take them lightly. If you have been accused of committing a violent crime, you can expect that the attorney prosecuting your case will seek the full punishment allowed. It is vital to speak to a criminal defense attorney for major matters like these.

Jackson Law Office represents individuals who have been accused or charged with violent offenses, such as battery, domestic battery and excessive parental discipline. I am Jason Jackson, experienced trial lawyer. Since 2000, I have favorably defended my clients against a range of charges in Hamilton County courts. I will use my legal background and extensive experience to guide you through every stage of the criminal justice system effectively and efficiently.

When your future freedoms and opportunities are at stake, you need insight from an experienced lawyer who knows how to create persuasive arguments.

Battery And Domestic Battery Have Long-Term Consequences

Battery and domestic battery charges can be filed for unlawful actions that include:

  • Physically contacting a person without his or her permission in a rude or rough way
  • Using a weapon while physically contacting a person
  • Sexually contacting a person without consent

I have the skill set and insight necessary to handle these complex criminal matters. During family disputes, one parent may falsely accuse the other of domestic battery to get the upper hand in child custody negotiations. I will carefully examine the circumstances surrounding each case to design an effective strategy for you.

I strive to successfully challenge these charges so that you can avoid these serious long-term consequences:

  • A permanent criminal record for felony charges
  • Loss of custody or visitation rights
  • Loss of firearm privileges

It is common for protective orders to be filed alongside battery charges. I am also qualified to represent you in hearings to challenge no-contact orders.

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